Training maps 2016

From 1 June 2016 we have several training maps in the region of Scuol. Training areas are accessible from 1 June until JWOC starts. The period of training is restricted because of nature conservancy. 

There are two regional competitions in the Chur area on 4 and 5 June in good and quite relevant terrain, Surely a good way to get experience in this kind of terrain. More information is available at

All training maps in the Scuol area include a course. On the forest trainings, there are permanent controls out in the forest. No controls on the sprint trainings.


Map Name Training Year Scale Relevant
1 Sent Sprint 2015 1:4000 Sprint
2 Ardez Sprint 2015 1:4000 Sprint
3 Tarasp Relay with 4 variants 2015 1:10000 Relay
4 Lavin Middle 2016 1:10000 Middle
5 Susch Middle Q with 3 heats 2016 1:10000 Middle
6 Süsom Givè Enjoy 2015 1:15000 Long
7 Zernez-Selva Slope 2014 Relay  
8 S-chanf Cinous-chel Attack 2010 1:10000 Relay, Long


The locations of the training maps are shown with yellow color on the overall map.

Map Swisstopo


Please note that the training areas 1, 2 and 4 from summer 2015 (Got Grond, Got Grond Parsonz and God da Staz) are forbidden to train in 2016 because of nature conservancy and agreements with landowners and hunters! 


Cost per map including the training course:

Map 1, 2 and 6  CHF 6.-/map
Map 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8  CHF 8.-/map
Training package with all maps                           CHF 45.-


Other training areas

If you would like to train in other areas and other maps, we can offer you training maps in the Chur region (Chur, Fürstenwald, Ils Aults, Bot Tschavir), Trin-Flims (Trin, La Mutta) or Arosa (World Cup maps 2015).
It is also possible to train in the St.Moritz-area on two maps (San Gian and Tais). 

Please contact Matthias Niggli for training maps in these areas.



There is no pre-booked accommodation, but we recommend to stay in the youth hostel of Scuol or in hotel Bellavista in Ftan. We can help you to book accommodation.



All maps are accessible with own cars or can be reached by public transport. Most of the connections are served every hour during daytime.


The training maps can be bought at the Tourist Office in Scuol (Stradun, CH-7550 Scuol, +41-81 861 88 00).

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 08.00 - 18.30

Saturday 09.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 17.30

Sunday 09.00 - 12.00

All training has to be coordinated by Matthias Niggli. Please contact him in advance about your plans. He may also help you with special wishes or questions. E-Mail:


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