The Junior World Orienteering Championships 2016 Engadin Scuol are organised by the association „JWOC/SOW 2016 Engadin“ which is comprised of enthusiastic Swiss orienteers and clubs. The organisation is being realised on behalf of the Swiss Orienteering Federation.

The organisational continuity of the Swiss O Week (SOW) committee over many years guarantees a professional committment for the realisation of the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) and SOW. The organisers are determined to offer the athletes and participants a successful combination of vacation and sport.

Organising Committee JWOC/SOW 2016 Engadin

President Stefan Aschwanden
Proxies Paul Stalder, Simone and Matthias Niggli
Secretary Isa Steiner
Competitions Markus Wenk, Thomas Schneider
Infrastructure Reto Pfister, Hanspeter Nägeli
Events Sandra Lauenstein, Monica Altherr-Pfister
Sponsoring Matthias Niggli, Paul Stalder
Communication Lukas Jenzer, Daniel von Arx
Finance Erwin Zurfluh, Pia Zürcher


Technical Committee JWOC 2016 Engadin Scoul

Event Director Simone Niggli
Technical Director Matthias Niggli
Lukas Jenzer
Senior Event Adviser (IOF) Cesare Tarabocchia
Assistant Event Adviser (IOF)       János Sümegi
National Controller Christian Schneebeli, Urs Hofer



Simone Niggli
JWOC 2016
Luchliweg 5A
CH-3110 Münsingen
+41 31 721 52 68

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