JWOC-specific Events

Opening Ceremony

Saturday, 09 July 2016, 16:00
Outside school grounds
On Saturday, 09 July 2016, JWOC 2016 is going to be officially declared open. Come and watch the parade of the athletes from around 40 countries entering the school ground area and cheer for your home team. You will also be able to hear the live performance of the official JWOC-song and many other exciting moments.

Here you find the detailed Information about the Opening Ceremony: Download Information Opening Ceremony

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Schellen-Ursli Orienteering

Tuesday, 12 July 2016, all day
Sent, Ardez and Guarda
Are you up to discover the typical, but wonderfully preserved villages with its plazas and houses, as well as the winding alleyways of the Lower Engadine? You may also learn to experience the sport of orienteering in a playful manner.
You will find the perfect event for doing this on Tuesday, 12 July 2016. We are organizing a simple village-orienteering event in Sent and Ardez. Furthermore, you may stroll with an orienteering map through the Schellen-Ursli village of Guarda. 
All together combines to a perfect JWOC-rest day to enjoy at your leisure but with some activity.

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Award Ceremonies

Sunday, 10 July 2016, 12:30
Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 17:00
Thursday, 14 July 2016, 20:00
Friday, 15 July 2016 14:00 (finish area Tarasp) 
Would you like to sing along to one of the national anthems? Or even cheer for the orienteering stars of tomorrow? You will have that chance at the award ceremonies on the school grounds in Scuol. Besides the award ceremony you may also check-out the offers in the food stalls, the performances and the supporting programs or simply sit with friends and swap your stories and adventures.

Here you find detailed Information about the Price Giving Ceremonies: Download Information Price Giving Ceremonies

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Touristic Offers

Mineral Springs in Scuol and Vicinity

A hundred years ago the towns of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera were world known spa resorts thanks to their exceptional mineral springs and bathing cures. Learn more about the water and how you may experience it today.
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Bogn Engiadina

Wellness stands for leading a conscious, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle leading to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. In Bogn Engiadina you may find out what it takes to achieve that state. Forever, the basis of the Lower Engadine spa culture has been the 20 different mineral springs. This precious water flows in Bogn Engiadina as well. With its healing properties it stands in the center of a variety of offers.
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Kinesiological Course

The EGK kinesiological course is an active educational trail. 14 different exercise stations are spread over a length of 2 kilometers. The exercises are geared to stimulate the function of the organs and to raise body awareness. Start and finish are at the Hotel Villa Engiadina in Vulpera.
Starting place

Outdoor pool Trü

You may find in the Trü outdoor pool area 3 heated (24 °C) swimming pools one each for swimmers, non-swimmers and for small children. There is also an attractive playground, a fire pit as well as possibilities to play beach volleyball, mini golf, table tennis, badminton, summer ice hockey  and soccer. 
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The children’s book by Selina Chönz has helped the boy from Guarda, the Engadine village between Lavin and Ardez, to reach national fame. In October 2015, the film of Schellen Ursli opened up in movie theatres. The film was shot in the Lower Engadine mountain areas, in gorges, on snow-covered Alps and in Engadine villages.
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Rafting on the Inn

The gorges of the river Inn along the Lower Engadine mountain range offers top class rafting experiences. The Inn surprises with a mix of varieties such as powerful water currents and technical rapids. This area is considered a rafting Classic with its spectacular surroundings.
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Rope Park Sur-En

The high rope and climbing park „Rope Park Engadine“ in Su En allows adults and children alike safe climbing under knowledgeable supervision and combines sport with coordination and a lot of fun. There are seven different courses between one and 14 meters above the forest floor so every participant no matter what their age will find the most appropriate challenge.
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Scooter downhill run Motta Naluns

One can ride quickly and comfortably on a scooter from the summit station Motta Naluns down to the valley floor for approximately 10 km. The scooters, equipped with shocks and 20-inch wheels, are best suited for the gravel road.
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Mountain Railways

The mountain railways Motta Naluns transport people directly from Scuol and Ftan into the mountain world and hiking area.
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Swiss National Park

Thanks to the stringent protection, nature in this National Park was allowed to develop unaffected, autonomically and free from any human influence. This leads to a very high biodiversity of flora and fauna which can be experienced on individual or guided hikes in and around the 170 km² of the National Park. Besides those attractive hikes, it is also recommended to check out the permanent exhibit in the visitor center in Zernez that shows the biodynamic processes developping in unspoiled and protected nature.
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Castle Tarasp

The castle Tarasp, built in 1040 and landmark of the Lower Engadine, looks majestically over the region. At the start of the 19th century, Tarasp belonged to Austria and at the turn of the 20th century, the castle was in a desolate state. K.A. Lingner, guest and inventor of the "Odo" mouthwater, bought it for CHF 20'000 and renovated it elaborately. His "live-in" castle is open to the public up to today.
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UNESCO World Heritage Monastery St. Johann

Benedictine monastery everyday life, cultural protection, arts and research meet in the monastery of Müstair. The church is home to the largest and best-preserved early medieval fresco cycles. The museum exhibits over 1200 old history and shows monastery daily life.
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Museum d'Engiadina Bassa, Scuol

Besides the main exhibit showing way of living and culture in an agriculturally characterized alpine region, the museum of local history also features the first Roman bible translated in 1679 and printed in Scuol shown in the big library among other things.
Besides the main exhibit showing way of living and culture in an agriculturally characterized alpine region, the museum of local history also features the first Roman bible translated in 1679 and printed in Scuol shown in the big library among other things.
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The Engadine Nut Torte

The Engadine Nut torte is a classic and popular bring along present. Originally, it was produced in Southern areas, home of the walnut; it is now sold all over the Engadine. The basic ingredients are flour, sugar, butter, eggs, a dash of salt and, of course, walnuts. Every bakery, however, prides having its own secret recipe. Try and taste them yourself!
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Air-dried Grison meat

The air-dried meat is produced following old traditions and passed on knowledge in an extensive process. The meat of beef is stored for several weeks close to the freezing point after some salt has been added. This leads to loss of water. During the following drying phase that lasts for several weeks and through continuous pressing, it receives its typical rectangular form.
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Biera (Beer) Engiadinaisa

Local beer is brewed since 2004 in Tschlin. It started with an idea and the goal to give the village of Tschlin a future with innovative ideas and to its inhabitants a job. Weekly, the brewery offers guided tours and samplings.
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