With reference to the IOF Competition Rules, the red areas indicated on the maps are embargoed for the middle, long, relay and reserve area. 
Potential team members, officials and others, whose knowledge of the terrain could influence results of the JWOC competition, are prohibited from entering these areas. 
Exceptions: It is allowed to pass through the area for the long distance on the main road 28 (Zernez-Müstair) and through the reserve area S-chanf on the main road 27 (Zernez-Zuoz) and by train (Zernez-Zuoz). All other roads are also embargoed. 

For the sprint event in the village of Scuol, the village is embargoed south of the main road 28. It is allowed to walk or drive the road “Stradun” through town and enter shops and the thermal bath along this road. This road may also be used to reach the sprint training area in Sent by public transport or by car.

It is also allowed to visit the outdoor bath Trü. Access only from the west through “Via da Ftan” and “Via da Trü”.

To reach the event centre in Scuol, it is permissible to use the “Via dals Bogns” and the part of “Bagnera” street from the intersection with “Via dals Bogns” until the school yard. For details see the map in Bulletin 3.

Special rules will apply on the day of the competition.

Existing maps: 
Pass dal Fuorn, 1:10’000, year 2002
Ftan, 1:10’000, year 2002
S-chanf, 1:10’000, year 2012
Casa da Scoula Scuol, 1:1’500, year 2002


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