Program JWOC 2016 and Public Races

Red: JWOC Events
Green: Public Events

Date Time Event Place
Saturday, 9 July 16:00-17:00 JWOC Opening Ceremony Scuol, Event Center at school
Sunday, 10 July 09:00-12:45 JWOC Sprint and Medal Ceremony Scuol, Event Center at school
  13:30-16:30 National Event Sprint Scuol
Monday, 11 July 09:00-16:30 JWOC Long and Flower Ceremony Val Müstair
  10:00-15:00 Training Val Müstair
Thuesday, 12 July 10:00-16:00 Schellen-Ursli Sprints Ardez, Sent; Guarda
  17:00 JWOC Medal Ceremony Long Scuol, Event Center at school
Wednesday, 13 July 10:00-12:30 JWOC Middle Qualification Ftan, HIF
  13:30-16:30 Regional Event Middle. „EGK Charity: Run für HIF!“ Ftan, HIF
Thursday, 14 July 09:00-13:50 JWOC Middle Finals and Flower Ceremony Susch-Lavin
  14:00-17:00 Regional Event Middle Susch-Lavin
  20:00 JWOC Medal Ceremony Middle Scuol, Event Center at school
Friday, 15 July 10:30-14:00 JWOC Relays, Medal and Closing Ceremony Tarasp
  14:00-16:00 Training „In the footsteps of the champions“ Tarasp


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