Secrets from the Relay Area in Tarasp on 15 July, 2016

"Finishing off the JWOC-week will be a true high-speed race. The reason is not only the relay competition format, but also the area above the castle of Tarasp which allows a high running speed. Indeed, besides the open forest sections for fast running there will also be tricky sloping areas that require exact orienteering of elevation and distance. Of course, all this is achieved under pressure while being chased by opponents.

Especially the final loop will challenge the athletes maximally: technically, conditionally and tactically. Directly after the last decisions the closing ceremony will take place."


Baptiste Rollier (2009 Relay World Champion, 2008 Relay bronze medallist) and Marcel Schiess (Former president of the Swiss Orienteering Federation); Course Setters

Baptiste Rollier

Marcel Schiess

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