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And again two times Gold for Switzerland in the Middle Distance Race

Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) captured her second title in an outstanding manner at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland in a distinctly demanding middle distance race. After winning two silver medals in the sprint and the long distance, Thomas Curiger crowned his impressive JWOC-performance with gold. With 10 individual medals the hosting country is already deemed the dominating nation at these 27th Junior World Orienteering Championships in the Lower Engadin.


Course details

  Women A Men A
Length 3.1km 3.8km
Climb 190m 260m
Controls 17 17
Winning Time 25min 25min


Technical Responsibility

Course planners
Philipp Sauter
Urs Steiner
Cartography Urs Steiner


W20 A

M20 A

W20 B

W20 C

M20 B

M20 C

Course Previews Women

Leg 2-3

Leg 6-7

Leg 10-11

Course Previews Men

Leg Start-1

Leg 5-6

Leg 8-9

Leg 11-12

Leg 15-16

Top 20 at JWOC 2015 in Norway


1 Anine Ahlsand NOR does not start
2 Johanna Oberg SWE at JWOC 2016
3 Sandrine Mueller SUI does not start
4 Anna Haataja FIN at JWOC 2016
5 Ingeborg Eide NOR at JWOC 2016
6 Tilda Johansson SWE at JWOC 2016
7 Paula Gross SUI at JWOC 2016
8 Pihla Otsamo FIN does not start
9 Andrea Svensson SWE does not start
10 Marie Olaussen NOR does not start 
11 Sara Hagstrom SWE does not start
12 Daria Korobeynik RUS does not start
13 Kerstin Ullmann SUI does not start 
14 Miri Thrane Odum DEN does not start
15 Tereza Novakova CZE at JWOC 2016
16 Sigrid Alexandersen NOR does not start 
17 Sofie Bachmann SUI at JWOC 2016
18 Chloe Haberkorn FRA at JWOC 2016
19 Emma Bjessmo SWE does not start 
20 Sandra Grosberga LAT does not start 


1 Olli Ojanaho FIN at JWOC 2016
2 Erik Andersson SWE does not start
3 Sven Hellmuller SUI does not start
4 Jonas Madslien Bakken NOR does not start
5 Audun Heimdal NOR at JWOC 2016
6 Nikita Stepanov RUS does not start
7 Emil Granqvist SWE does not start
8 Jens Ronnols SWE does not start
9 Markus Holter NOR does not start
10 Anton Kuukka FIN at JWOC 2016
11 Anders Felde Olaussen NOR does not start
12 Simon Hector SWE at JWOC 2016
13 Magnus Dewett DEN does not start
14 Topi Raitanen FIN at JWOC 2016
15 Andreas Soelberg NOR does not start
16 Nicolas Rio FRA does not start
17 Algirdas Bartkevicius LTU does not start
18 Topias Ahola FIN at JWOC 2016
19 Aidan Smith GBR does not start
20 Riccardo Scalet ITA at JWOC 2016

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